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Play the bc49 lottery game and win $2 million

Is it true that you are a British Columbia occupant who likes taken shots at turning into a tycoon? At that point why not take a stab at the BC49 lottery game, which gives you a possibility at winning $2 million for $1 per ticket? The game is directed by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation BCLC, with a significant part of the returns from its gaming exercises going towards ventures proposed to improve lives in networks all through BC. For 2009/10 alone, BCLC conveyed some $1,070 million to the commonplace government, with $649 million coordinated to combined income for open help projects, for example, instruction and medicinal services.

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To play BC/49, basically pick six numbers from 1 to 49 on a play zone of a choice slip, or you can pick the Quick Pick choice to get a haphazardly chose blend. Draws are held two times per week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. During the drawing, six numbers in addition to a seventh reward number are drawn. The player wins the amazing prize of $2 million if their mix coordinates every one of the six numbers drawn. In the event that they coordinate five numbers in addition to the reward number, they win $75,000. Minor prizes incorporate $750 for coordinating five numbers, $75 for coordinating four numbers, $10 for coordinating three and $5 for coordinating two. You can likewise play up to ten back to back attracts advance through the Advance Buy choice, or buy a BC/49 Lottery Subscription so you can wager for 26, 52 or 104 attracts advance.

The great prize of BC/49 is fixed at $2 million and does not develop if the big stake is not won. The absolute obligation for the second prize of $75,000 is constrained to $450,000 or what could be compared to six champs. This implies if in excess of six players win the subsequent prize, rather than winning $75,000 every, they will share $450,000 similarly.  For an extra $1, you can likewise play the Extra game alongside BC/49. Right now, four number mix extending from 1 to 99 is arbitrarily chosen by machine and naturally imprinted on your ticket; anyway the number would not be qualified for a drawing except if you pick in. To actuate the number, essentially mark yes on the play region of the play slip or solicitation it from the representative when playing the Quick Pick choice; every blend costs $1. You can play an Extra number for each BC/49 blend you play hongkong prize. The fantastic prize is $500,000 in the event that you effectively coordinate four numbers. Minor prizes are $1,000 in the event that you coordinate three numbers; $10 for coordinating two; and $1 for coordinating one. Draws for Extra numbers are held alongside BC/49 drawings.

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